What sizes are Black Mountain products available in?

We manufacture a range of natural insulation products with various thicknesses and widths and lengths. Please see our individual product data sheets on our website. However if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us to discuss your special requirements.

How long should I allow for the insulation to reach full thickness after installation?

Black Mountain compress pack their products to lower costs and ‘carbon miles’ – however both wool and hemp fibres are very resilient. Within 72 hours Black Mountain insulations will regain their original thickness.

How long will natural insulations last for?

Natural fibres have an incredible resilience and durability that enables them to maintain their thermal performance throughout the life span of a typical building.

Why does the colour of sheep wool insulation change in different batches?

The colour of sheep wool insulation varies occasionally depending on the breed of sheep and type of wool available at the time. All wool will perform to the same technical standard despite any alteration in colour.

Can I use the off cut pieces of insulation?

Off cuts are ideal for ensuring that all corner spaces are covered and no gaps are present to maximise thermal performance.

How easy are natural insulations to cut and shape to size?

Black Mountain sheep wool insulation is incredibly easy to tear accurately across the width of the roll or the batt, to cut down the length compress between planks of wood and use a sharp knife or a pair of material scissors. It is often easier to tear more pieces of material across the width to fill a narrow gap rather than cut a total length.

Does your sheep wool insulation have a distinctive smell?

Black Mountain sheep wool insulation is similar to the smell you get when installing a new carpet. Most customers do not notice a smell at all but where it is noticeable, the smell will usually pass within 3 days and is not unpleasant.