Why is black mountain NatuWool more sustainable compared some man-made products?

The wool used in NatuWool insulation is coloured wool that is not required by other industries such as the textile industry and would have otherwise been disposed of. The energy used in our factory is very low – 90% lower than some man-made products. Whilst the product will last many years if properly maintained, disposed at the end of its life allows it to biodegrade rather than occupying scarce landfill resource.

Can I buy products that fail to meet your quality standards at a discounted price?

We reprocess all rejected product internally hence we don’t have any scrap products to dispose of. We do believe this is fundamental to the achievement of truly sustainable products.

What is carbon sequestration I have read about concerning natural products?

As plants grow they absorb carbon dioxide and then emit the oxygen molecule and lock up the carbon molecule in the cell structure of the plant. This is also true for the wool fibre which locks two kg of carbon dioxide per one kg of wool. The carbon dioxide is locked up for the life of the product, whereas man-made are emitters of carbon dioxide in their production with no ability to lock up carbon dioxide.

Many manufacturers only refer to the energy saved during the life of the product and state this is far greater than the energy used in the manufacture. However true sustainable products are low carbon in their manufacture and also have sequestered carbon dioxide.