Black Mountain Insulation Ltd was established in 2007 to meet the increasing demand for natural building products in the green build sector. Our products contain a 95% natural fibre content – one of the highest available on the market, whilst some others use a plastic ‘filler’ in their product.

The high natural fibre content ensures that our products can buffer excess moisture levels and are easy to recycle or compost at the end of the product’s life span. We also recognise whilst maintaining a continuous effort to provide customers with high quality, natural products there is a responsibility to also give serious consideration to the environment and our society.

Our customers not only value the ecological aspect of our products but also the social ethos of the company and how each purchase will impact on the environment and our communities.

Amongst various goals and achievements we are working towards, Black Mountain seeks to offset the carbon foot print of the whole company. This ranges from the energy used in our factory, the transportation of products right down to the lighting in our offices.

Black Mountain Insulates

  • Brasenose College – Oxford
  • Caius College – Cambridge
  • Castle Howard – Yorkshire
  • Coleshill Village – Wiltshire
  • Doddington Hall – Lincoln
  • Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh
  • Hardwick Hall – Derbyshire
  • Holkham Hall – Norfolk
  • Holyrood Palace – Edinburgh
  • Lamb House – Edinburgh
  • Lancaster Town Hall – Lancaster
  • Lissan House Trust – Cookstown
  • Longmore House – Edinburgh
  • Morden Hall Park – Cambridge
  • Thatch Cottage – Essex
  • Rothe House – Kilkenny
  • Royal College of Music – London
  • Barn Conversion – Sussex
  • St Leonards Hall – Edinburgh

Why choose Black Mountain Natural Insulation?

Carbon Zero or Less

Black Mountain Natural Range of insulation products have a part to play in the carbon cycle. NatuWool and NatuHemp both absorb carbon which cannot be said about some other man-made glass fibre type insulants.

Health Benefits

Black Mountain Natural Insulation present no health risk to both the installer and residents of the building. They also have the ability to absorb moisture that reduces the risk of consequent moulds and bacteria activity.

UK Manufacturer

Manufactured in the UK, Black Mountain Natural Insulation Products use raw materials that other industries like the textile industry would dispose of. The energy used in the manufacturing process is very low, 80 - 90% lower than some man made products.

Moisture Control

By allowing the structure to breathe whilst maintaining thermal resistance Black Mountain Naturals help to conserve the building, improve air quality and maximise thermal efficiency.

Period Properties

Natural Insulations are often the preferred choice by organisations such as Historical Scotland, The National Trust and English Heritage. The hygroscopic nature of Black Mountain Insulation can actually draw moisture out from the timber and other fabrics of the building.

New Build

NatuWool, NatuHemp and NatuFlex can all be installed in different building applications. They have the capability of reducing energy loss and providing building inhabitants with free passive energy absorbed from solar gain, whilst the high thermal mass helps reduce peak temperatures.